JAOC is a high-tech enterprise that develops and produces aluminum nitride & silicon nitride & alumina ceramic thin film circuits! Since JACO’s establishment in 2002, our company has focused on thermal management, electromagnetic compatibility & protecting, solving the complex and for reliability problems in harsh electromagnetic interference environment and heating operation environment, we provide customers with environmental assessment failure performance and personalized countermeasures and comprehensive solutions. Our company specializes in providing a full range of services for the design and processing of single and double-sided circuits on aluminum nitride & alumina ceramic substrates. JACO is committed to the overall solution to improve the reliability of electronic equipment, and it has accumulated rich experience in design and manufacturing for many years. Ours customers are mainly focus on LED lighting, communication equipment, aerospace, medical, electronics, machinery manufacturing, rail transit, new energy and other industries.
The main products produced and sold by JACO include aluminum nitride & silicon nitride & alumina ceramic metallization, laser heat sink, ceramic gold tin circuit, graphene, electromagnetic shielding material, conductive rubber, ESD and power filter, etc.